‘Portlandia’ Stars Share Their Awkward Conversation Stoppers With Conan
Do you have a 'Portlandia' fan in your life that's hard to buy for? Perhaps you've already purchased them every bird-adorned item you could possible find? 'Portlandia' stars and creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have just the ticket for you -- it's a "hands on" and "do it yourself art book," and it will teach the people you love to crowd fund their baby, escape the bo
Dream of the 90s [VIDEO]
There's a show on IFC called "Portlandia" starring Fred Armison (the guy who does Obama on SNL) and some other girl. Great premise on how they both portray every stereotype of the people you meet in Portland. If you have on-demand with IFC Free, it's on there as well...