Washington One of the Most Expensive States for Smokers
I frequent gas stations and convenient stores and often hear about the high prices of cigarettes. I wasn't shocked to learn that Washington state is one of the most expensive when it comes to the true cost of smoking. How much? On average, $1,954,162 per smoker in Washington State according to WalletHub...
Is 18 too young to smoke?
Proposed legislation in Olympia that would raise the legal smoking age to 21 in Washington is gaining public support, according to a new poll of 500 voters.
Smoking Seem To Do Your Baby No Harm According to 1951 Better Homes and Garden Baby Book
My wife has this older-than-old baby book from Better Homes and Gardens that originally came out in 1951. During this time, when cigarette ads were on TV and in your cartoons, smoking was just a part of daily life. When you're bringing life into this world, however, this baby book was your go-to book. It was the 'What to Expect when You're Expecting' of the 1950's. You'd think smoking at all would
Smoking Ban in Parks
This past week at the Yakima City Council meeting, Sara Bristol brought up the idea of banning smoking in city parks. It's an interesting proposition and one I think most families would agree with. Other cities around the country have enacted similar bans. So as we wait for this issue to come back to the city council, what do you think?
British Mother Defends Decision to Smoke While Pregnant [VIDEO]
The brilliant ladies of MTV's 'Teen Mom' may have met their match in Charlie Wilcox. Wilcox, a British mother who smoked 3,500 cigarettes while pregnant, claims all that nicotine was actually healthy for her newborn daughter because it made the girl's heart work harder since it restricted her oxygen supply while in utero.