Apparently the spreading of human ashes has become a problem in the city of Yakima. Officials from the Yakima City Parks and Recreation Department say it’s okay but they want a procedure in place.

The proposed policy would govern the scattering of ashes at city parks

A news release says the “ordinance will ensure that those desiring to spread human cremains in City Parks do so safely and without disrupting other individuals’ enjoyment of the park.” Technically the ashes are called human cremains and the parks and recreation department wants the city create a policy or ordinance to “govern” the scattering of human cremains in city parks or on city property.

The city wants a record of those who are scattered at city parks

When new policies are developed within city limits they sometimes come with the requirement for a permit. Parks and recreation officials say the city needs to create a process to maintain records of those who have had their cremains or ashes spread in specific city parks.
Currently there’s no rules, no permit requirements or processes but that could change if the council decides to take action on Tuesday.

If passed the ordinance would require a fee, an application and a permit

The ordinance would impose guidelines for the spreading of cremains after a “simple” application process. Those who want to spread cremains at a city park, under the proposal would also pay a “nominal” fee for the permit. However it’s not clear what the permit funds would be used for in helping to maintain the parks if an ordinance is created in the future that would create a mechanism that would charge people for spreading ashes at city parks.
The Yakima City Council is expected to talk about the issue and possibly pass an ordinance on Tuesday. The city meets on Zoom at 5:30PM.
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