Oh boy! One bite at Xochimilco for our first official date. Bite by bite counting and I lost over 50 pounds. Bite by bite I gained a good portion back. In the middle of a pandemic, when schools are starting up across the country. I am not going to blame you for wanting to stuff your face with cakes and cookies. For a hot minute, it feels good to fill the empty void with carbs and sweets or kick back a few seven and sevens then spend the next few days dealing with bloating and mood swings that come with all the extra calories.

You can continue this cycle of hoping the weight will just disappear or you can suck it up and start making some serious choices, for you. No one else is putting the food in your mouth so before you start blaming others for your lack of self-control, I beg you to please take 10 seconds to absorb that negative thought and start flipping it to a positive.

You are beautiful and you deserve to focus on the good stuff in life, not wasting your time throwing a pity poor me party. Dust the donut off your top and listen up because we're embarking on an adventure filled with food and fun.

It starts with a game plan. An eating plan, the foods you like with the knowledge of what calories are actually in your favorite foods. Make your plate pop with colors and textures. You won't be snacking as much while you cut back so use that time to start tackling a passion of yours that has nothing to do with food.

You have got this, I know it's never easy but it also isn't that hard. Ok, it is, but we can do this and have fun at the same time! Join Get It Right! Get It Tight! On Facebook and let's go.

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My plate since switching up my habits

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