Tara Reid went out to experience the Los Angeles night life vodka on Tuesday, May 7, and had some trouble finding her way back to her car. Quelle surprise.

The 'American Pie' actress somehow snagged an invite to a Samsung Galaxy S4 party at Chi-Lin restaurant, and was caught by TMZ photogs as she entered (wearing a T-shirt with the apt phrase "F--- what people think").

They asked some questions about Lindsay Lohan, to which an unusually coherent Tara showed empathy, saying, "I hope she's okay."

Two hours later, in the wee hours of the morning, the paps were still there as Tara stumbled out on the arm of a friend, looking like her standard disheveled self.

"I can't see!" she giggled as her pal navigated her through the field of cameras. "Let's negotiate!"

Before she got into her car (or carried on any more negotiations) Tara bid them all adieu:  "Everyone! Nice to see you guys again. Welcome back to L.A."

One thing we'll give her -- when she said she was a happy drunk, she wasn't lying a bit.

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