Tara Reid may have finally taken it too far -- the notoriously hard-partying 'American Reunion' actress was caught leaving Hollywood's Emerson Theatre on Wednesday (March 13), barefoot and haggard, requiring the help of friends to walk.

She's been in rehab for alcoholism before and even credits the 2008 stint with saving her life. Now lots of people are thinking it could be time for another go.

You may think barefoot and haggard is status quo for Reid, but a pal tells Radar Online that it's gotten much worse lately, saying that the Emerson incident wasn't isolated. They also recalled another night when Tara, slurring her words, had to be propped up by a friend in a nightclub like a mannequin.

“The way Tara’s behaving at the moment, she’s going to have to head back to rehab for treatment if she doesn’t get a grip on things," an insider said. "And more than a few pals have told her that, but she’s just ignoring everyone and continuing to do her thing."

“It’s really tragic seeing her like this – after all, she’s 37 now. It’s not cool to be seen staggering out of nightclubs at that age."

Hopefully she can get her act together before 'American Pie: Suburban Angst' is released.

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