I'm just like you, I love shopping the clearance racks in any store I go to. Shopping for clearance items is always a game. You can get a great deal and value on something others probably spent full price on when they were first available so that makes you feel good about yourself. There's always that risk, however, when you buy something on clearance only to have it discounted further at a later date. Sometimes as soon as the next day. An employee of Target recently disclosed how you can find the best deals imaginable when shopping the clearance section at Target.

Here's an easy way to check - it's all in the clearance tag.

  • If the price ends with an 8 (ie. $19.98) that means it will be marked down again.
  • If that price ends with a 4 (ie. $19.94) that means that's as low as it's going to go.

And if you're curious about what days they go through and put items on clearance. Each day is different.

Monday: Electronics, kids clothing, office supplies and gift wrap.

Tuesday: Women's clothing and domestics.

Wednesday: Men's clothing, toys and health and beauty supplies.

Thursday: Shoes, lingerie and housewares.

Friday: Cosmetics.

And now you know. Happy shopping!

-via Reddit

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