I get to say yeah baby because for the first time in MANY years I did my taxes at the BEGINNING instead of waiting until TODAY! That's right' people: Taxes are due today, so brave the crowds because unless you're filing an extension OR you've attempted to file and the site crashed (yeah that happened today) UPDATE: you get a day extension! File, File, File! When you are done you can reward yourself with one of the below local freebies/discounts I was able to find!

  1. Sonic is offering 1/2 off on all cheeseburgers today
  2. Office Depot - Grab the coupon or let them know at the front desk and YOU can shred up to five pounds of sensitive documents for FREE from now until April 28th
  3. Quiznos - Offering a Turkey Ranch & Swiss 8 inch sub for only $5 (just for fun)
  4. Applebee's - lucky us this whole month margaritas are only $1! #sipsipsip

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