In the latest clip from Taylor Swift‘s behind-the-scenes webisode series, the singer reveals something really huge: she shut down the Nashville airport to film her new ‘Ours’ music video.

Swift shot in a multitude of locations for her most recent treatment, like an office building, a bus and a house — but perhaps the craziest scene of all was the one shot at BNA. “We were surprised that we actually got to use Nashville International Airport, because it’s a functioning airport that’s very busy,” the director admits in the fourth webisode.

Adds Taylor, while filming the scene just outside the passenger pick-up, “Basically, we have shut down this airport. We’ve controlled the traffic — I mean, the Nashville airport has been so amazing. We have all these people walking through, but they’re all our extras. It’s crazy to have this big of an airport just let us shoot here.”

In the beginning of the video, Taylor and her crew are shown in a super grim office, which as the director explains, is exactly what the team wanted for their shoot. “We’ve taken out any personality. It will all be very sterile and very boring,” Declan Whitebloom says. “Everything has been specifically chosen to make this office the worst office you’ve ever been to.”

They even got to use a bus, a real source of Nashville public transport, that was lent to them just for shooting, as well as a house that was for sale at the time that fit the bill as the kind of starter house the 21-year-old singer would be living in. While they were shooting on location in the home, a group of neighborhood girls came out to catch a glimpse and ended up singing a portion of the ‘Ours’ chorus for the cameras.

Like a true role model, at the end of the day Taylor stopped to say hello and give hugs to the kids, making for the highlight of this video — and likely, the young girls’ lives.

Watch the New Taylor Swift ‘Ours’ Behind-the-Scenes Webisode

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