Redditor Reel_Big_Work shared a great collection of tips on what to buy and what month you should buy them in for the best possible deals. If you plan on buying a furniture, power tools or even plan on booking a cruise, here's where you can plan accordingly.

You can see the entire list here but here are a few good ones.

January is a great time to stock up on heavily discounted Christmas items for next time. Items like wrapping paper sell for virtually nothing.
February would be a fantastic time to sign up for a gym membership if that was a resolution of yours. The rush happens in January, but dies down in February.
March is a great time to plan a wedding if you're flexible on the date as many spring weddings have already been booked. Venues would love to fill in those empty spaces.
April is the time to get skiing equipment and clothes for the next season as they're making room for all of the summer sports.
September is when you'd want to book your cruise. The third week of September is 'National Cruise Week' and there's always deals out there.
November would be a great month to buy a house. The market is usually down this time of year with most people focused on Christmas.
December is when you can look into getting a new car. It's usually not top of mind this time of year which may mean a quite month for dealers.

via Reddit

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