Gotta love a good tag on Facebook! A friend of mine, Carey J, tagged me the other day informing me there was a classified ad that had been placed in the Yakima Herald asking the public to help recover some pretty amazing items.

Sarah Johnson
The Yakima Herald's classified ad searching for the missing items

What the what? A leather-bound bible from the 1850s!? That's 170-years-old! I don't know if you have ever dealt with death and a family bible but I remember when my Great Grandma passed away there was a lot of hoopla about who would get her bible, tensions were high, so I felt this post a lot.

The ad included a phone number but being I laid eyes on it days after it had been passed around on social media and the newspaper, I chose to call the number before sharing. Thank goodness because I've got your update!

First off, the entire family wants to say thank you to every single person who shared the ad, called to check, and offered to help. They were overwhelmed with the kindness and even mentioned it made them feel better about humanity. Hey, times are tough, so whatever you've heard about Yakamaniacs, we aren't so bad ;)

So how did this even happen? The family isn't from here, not even from Washington State, and had mentioned when said person passed to please not sell those items. Fast forward, you know how stuff goes and unfortunately, the items were put up along with everything else. With the intended owners of said items being so far away, things moved much faster than anyone expected and all the items were snatched up quickly. Can you blame them? Those items are very cool for collectors.

Though they were unable to recover The Cottage Physician from 1920 and the Edgar Allen Poe book, they did discover both items made it to what they believe to be a book dealer, so as much as they wanted to continue to pursue, they also realized those items will probably end up in the hands of a collector, someone who will really love them. A bit of peace of mind in times of loss.

The 1850's bible is now back where it belongs. Such a cool piece of well-preserved history. Albert was gifted this bible by his Grandfather and before he passed away, gave it to his friend, the Grandfather of the family who now has it back in their possession. Hold on to your treasures people.

Recovered 1850s Family Bible

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