Are you searching for a spot to get a Covid-19 test and you'd like to or are in need of fast results? Yakima Valley, you are in luck because a brand new spot has popped up that is ready to serve you AND they are free!

The Center for Covid Control Yakima is located at 1731 S 1st St #200 Yakima, WA 98901. In the little shopping center where Boost Mobile used to be and on the same side of the street as where the temporary Halloween store pops up.

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Wanting a Rapid Covid-19 Test?

They can cost you up to $150 per test BUT at the Center for Covid Control Yakima, they are being offered for free! Instead of waiting and wondering if you are positive or negative had the professionals take care of you and within 30 minutes you will know what the answer is.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 8 am-6 pm
Friday: 8am-4:30pm

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Do I need to Make An Appointment?

No! Walk-ins are welcome and you're not required to call ahead or make an appointment but if you'd like more information you are more than welcome to call (509) 504-8424.

But How Much Is It?

Free, free, free!

All this information and other locations to get yourself testest or grab take-home tests can be found via the Yakima Health District. From Yakima to Selah, Sunnyside, Union Gap, and beyond there are plenty of options based on your insurance, lack thereof, and more. Don't delay, get your answers today!

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