Saturday morning I woke up with Christopher on my mind. His mother has reached out earlier in the month asking to spread the word about his upcoming birthday party. She was going to have a birthday parade. Having just participated in one for my nephew, I was totally down to assist but had no idea how it would go.

Christopher's Birthday Parade

Did you catch that? Our flipping Valley came together and 30-40 cars showed up with the drill team members from Ike, Davis, and West Valley, the Yakima Police Department, and more. All strangers but being just incredibly kind community members.

This is what his Mom had to say

Christopher was in awe! He asked if all the people came out just for him and I told him “Yes!” We were dancing and cheering as everyone drove by and I was crying happy tears. We were truly so overwhelmed with gratitude.


I was scared he’d be standing out there with no one out there. I was seriously crying when I saw all the cars.


My sister was like, “You do know there’s a huge line or cars up the street?” I didn’t see them at first but I walked up the road a bit and was floored.



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