This is the second of our featured series of the Yakima Valley's most beautiful (and expensive) neighborhoods.

Take a walk around the neighborhood surrounding Yakima's Franklin Park, and you will see joggers, moms walking kids in strollers, and friendly neighbors watering their lavish lawns and saying hello as you pass by.

The speed limit signs in the area boast a full-throttle speed of 25 MPH in this tree lined area, and you will also come across a few speed bumps here and there to prevent any drag racing or knocking over mailboxes. Instead of taking the low speed limit as a minus, think of it as a plus--you will get to sightsee and it's almost like going on a guided tour of these beautiful and fabulous homes!

Perhaps someday you will be able to afford one of the homes in this pristine and peaceful neighborhood; one can dream, at least!