In Ouachita Parish, La., they are having one heck of a ghost issue -- at least according to a man the local sheriff's office arrested on drug and false reporting charges.

Michael L. Auttenberry called and reported that he had been attacked with an ax, claiming that someone "stabbed" him in the head with a bladed weapon. When deputies arrived, they found Auttenberry agitated and cursing at people who were "obviously not there." After making sure everyone was safe, they found no indication of harm done to Auttenberry ... but they did find some meth on his person. Auttenberry claimed that the intruders did it.

Officers found no intruders when they checked the house, however they spotted a small bag of meth in plain view on a nightstand. When questioned about the meth, Auttenberry said that intruders or a GHOST must have planted it. Spooky!

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