Wellness in your personal life to professional life is of utmost importance. It's one thing I hope everyone during these past two years has taken notice of but you might not know exactly how to tap into it!

The Definition of Wellness

the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

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That's where Trauma Aware Transformational Life Coach Emily Jameson comes in! Recently the book Wellbeing at Work by Gallup was published and it speaks on the phenomenon called The Great Resignation! Emily would describe this as a buzzword that the media has grabbed onto but the reason behind what is actually going on is really fascinating.

It dives MUCH deeper into our own personal goals, wants, desires and needs. It hits on the corporate structure and how in all actuality people aren't quitting their jobs without back-up plans, they are moving to positions and companies that align more with what their entire being has been screaming for. Understanding, acceptance, team work and positive reinforcement!

You don't have to continue on the hamster wheel that we were raised to believe is just how work is supposed to be. One in every two employees is disengaged at work and 70% of workers are not being productive. Do you need to quite your job to make yourself feel better? Probably not but the answer can be found in finding your strengths, setting your boundaries and moving forward to living a fuller life instead of grinding each day out and coming home exhausted and unhappy!

Win a one hour coaching session complete with the strengths assessment where your results are reviewed and you'll be provided with some applications for you whether you are a stay-at-home Mom, working at an office or just curious about how to move continue to grow and move forward in this life!

Emily Jameson
Emily Jameson

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