I haven't felt this relaxed in a month of Sundays!

The story begins last February when I scrounged (is that a real word?) up some change and purchased a Reiki massage on Seize the Deal. (This is not a shameless plug. I was not employed by Townsquare Media at the time.)

You don't know what a reiki massage is? Google it, foo!

Anyways, I have only had one reiki massage before, but I was a guinea pig. I loved it, and I wanted in on this deal!

Earlier this afternoon, I drove out to the reiki master's studio for my appointment. My car got stuck in the snow & ice in her driveway. It took us about 10 minutes of sweating bullets to move my car to some dry pavement. The reiki master even had to call over her son help push my car into the clear! It was a hot cold mess! We all had to calm down afterwards with some hot herbal tea! Lol

Once the tea was drank and warm pleasantries exchanged, we moved into the massage zen zone to begin. Once the bell rang, my troubles and stress melted away. I left the massage table feeling empowered and in a blissful, peaceful state of mind. I thoroughly enjoyed my reiki and the reiki master is awesome and knows what she is doing.

I highly recommend you get a professional reiki massage ASAP. Your body, soul, mind, and chakras will thank me later!

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