Have you had a chance to watch Charlize Theron's new film The Old Guard? Whew! Awesome fight scenes, an interesting concept because who really knows if this could be real ;) Charlize transforms in every role she takes. Be it an overweight bi-polar Mom to a serial killer, she comes to play and I love it!

Gina Prince-Bythewood's career goes all the way to 1992 where she helped write for the Cosby Show. Her first firm was one of my favorites. Love and Basketball 

Gotta love a strong black female director and also strong female characters leading the charge. The movie is filled with heart, the struggle between trusting those around you, fighting for what is right, and feeling the effects of a life lived much longer than you expected.

I would agree with Keke I really hope that we get to see many more strong female-led roles that are more than just about shopping or love stories. The fight scenes are realistic and probably what it would look like if a female took up fighting a male. I love the twists to let you know, there will probably be a sequel, and if I have already said too much well you gotta get to watching this film because it's a shining light in a World where new movies are just not dropping like they used to!


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