UPDATED 4/25/2020 They have now raised $4,176! If they get to $5,000 mohawk if they get to $7,107.3 dye job. $10,000 below a listener has weighed-in as well as the poll to figure out what color ... currently pink is in the lead

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The incredible Uhlman men are back at it with a challenge that's great for the community and good for the soul. Raising money for the Union Gospel Mission with a fun twist. They are shaving their heads! That was the offer they made yesterday but they've already blown past their first goal.

After much discussion with our better halves - The Uhlman brothers are launching a #CVShaveChallenge fundraiser for the Yakima Union Gospel Mission - like everyone, they’ve been hit hard and we want to help them continue their great mission of helping protect some of the most vulnerable. Ryan MesserShawn NilesJoshua Jackson and Jason L Kildall instigated this challenge.

today as of 4:15 pm 4/24/2020 they've raised $3,476 and rising

Here's the response

We’re being ambitious and looking to raise $2500.
If we raise it, Mike and I will both shave our heads.

If we can get to $5000 - I’ll shave my hair into a Mohawk and do a day of clinic with it!

Please share this widely and we encourage you to donate!


Well, they nailed that one. So I thought let's take it even further. Matt, if we get to $7,000 will you dye your hair? :)

We had a listener weigh-in with what he should do if they raise $10,000 :)

Matt could get a mohawk


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