Happy New Years Eve!

What's in your New Year's Eve Foodie Starter Pack?

Since I don't want to leave the house to go any parties, I'm doing my own thing this year. I woke up this morning and drove to the grocery store, armed with my list of everything I would want to eat if I had gone to a restaurant for a New Year's Eve brunch.

I've got my New Years Day brunch planned (see below). Since I don't want champagne, I got Prosecco and mango & apricot nectar to make myself some Bellinis. Yes, indeed, I am going ALL OUT to get myself in the "New Year, New Me" spirit!

A few years ago, on a snowy Yakima New Year's Eve, I was invited to celebrate the holiday with friends at a very fancy West Valley home. The party host, Justin, served a dish I had never heard of, Cowboy Caviar (also known as Texas Caviar). He explained that this dish was served because it contained black eyed peas, which as you may be aware is a good luck charm to bring success in the coming new year. The dish was fabulous, so I'm going to include it in my culinary repertoire for New Year's Eve 2017!

What are some of your favorite New Year's Eve foodie delights?

My New Year's Day Brunch Menu:

  • Bellinis (or Sparkling Apple Cider)
  • Biscuits & Chorizo Sausage Gravy
  • Egg & cheese omelet with salsa
  • Country potatoes
  • Toast with cream cheese & jam
  • Bacon, egg and toast sandwich (with cream cheese and jam, if preferred)

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