Giving Yakima students automatic admission into 6 different universities that's the result of a new partnership between the Yakima School District and the universities in the state.

Officials were looking at innovative ways to get kids into college

District officials say the Washington Student Achievement Council called for the universities to think outside the box about high school students and access to higher education. As a result many universities in the state helped develop what's now called the Guaranteed Admissions Partnership Program. Yakima School District officials say they've established Memorandums of Understanding and Data Sharing Agreements with six universities in the state of Washington.

Students in the Yakima School District now have an advantage

So what's the agreement mean for students in the Yakima School District?
District officials say the agreements give Yakima School District students automatic admission to the schools if they meet the schools minimum cumulative GPA requirements.

The schools involved in the program;

Washington State University                   (3.6 minimum GPA required)

Central Washington University                (3.0 minimum GPA required)

Eastern Washington University                (3.0 minimum GPA required)

Western Washington University               (3.0 minimum GPA required)

Evergreen State College                         (2.5 minimum GPA required)

Pacific Lutheran University*                    (3.3 minimum GPA required)

A press release from the district says "an eligible student will be contacted directly by the universities/colleges with information about their programs and next steps if the student is interested in pursuing a college pathway at their institution. Counselors, career and college specialists, administrators, and anyone connected to working with students on their post-high school planning have webinars available to them this month to learn more."

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