It's official, Sears is closing their doors for good in the Yakima Valley, and leaving the shell of the store in its wake. Of course, the mall will have to decide what to put there, otherwise, it will sit vacant for years to come.

So we wanted to lend our hand and give a few suggestions of what stores we would love to see take over the area and that would fit in perfectly for the Yakima Valley. So let's dive in deep, here are four businesses we would love to see take over the Sears Store at the Yakima Valley Mall.

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4.) Trader Joes

Does Trader Joes need all the space that the Sears Store takes up, absolutely not? However, it's the perfect opportunity for them to split the store up, and use over half of it for a Trader Joes, which we all know Yakima has been wanting for quite some time.

3.) Amazon Fresh Store

Amazon Fresh Stores are taking over the Western Washington area and for good reason, it's simple to shop at and you don't have to worry about long lines. That's right, Amazon fresh stores do have employees to help you find what you're looking for or restock. All you need is an Amazon account to shop there, you scan your phone upon arrival, walk-in grab what you need then walk out. That's right no paying at the registers, just walk out your account will be charged and you're good to go.

2.) Disney Store

Love everything Disney has to offer, but can't afford to travel all the way to Disney Land or World to buy them? That's what's so amazing about the Disney Store, you can get everything there that you can get at the parks. From Marvel to Disney Classics, Star Wars, and Pixar. It's the perfect place to shop for your loved ones.

1.) Dave and Busters

Yup, we're right back to this, we've been wanting a Dave and Busters longer than we can remember. It's a perfect place for celebrations, birthdays, first dates, anniversaries, you name it. They have games for everyone of all ages. We haven't even mentioned their fully stocked bar and a restaurant filled with food that everyone and anyone would love to get their hands on. So why not strike while the irons are hot and move to the Yakima Valley?


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