I recently read a story from the UK about how their Toys R Us opened a little earlier than normal to accommodate children with autism with dim lights, no music, no in-store announcements - just shopping. As much as I love this idea, I love that this store was willing to do this in the first place.

I have children with autism so we usually just 'deal with it'. Sometimes my son can handle things just fine and other times he starts to panic so we have to cut our shopping trip short and leave the store without our purchases.

They say it's the thought that counts and when I hear of stores doing this, it makes me want to endorse them even more.

There are several places in Yakima that have catered to special needs children on several occasions like Gymnastics Plus, the Yakima Theatres, SkateLand and a lot more. This Toys R Us was in the UK but, who knows, maybe they'll bring the idea to the United States as well.

via iNews.

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