Toys R Us may have been gone but never forgotten. When ours Toys R Us first came to the Yakima Valley in the mid-late 90's it was a dream come true for many of us. Especially those of us who grew up watching cartoons on KSTW Channel 11 based out of the Seattle/Tacoma area that would often not only run commercials for Toys R Us but also feature those shopping spree contests. A sad day indeed when Toys R Us closed their doors in the United States a few years back.

Happy to find out that Toys R Us is coming back!... kind of.

Macy's stores are featuring the Toys R Us brand online at

On top of this, Toys R Us will be on location at 400 Macy's locations. Here's hoping Yakima is on that list when that time comes.

It'll be a beautiful thing if it does. And we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything.

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