You've heard of Oktoberfest. The name makes it easy to remember when to expect the German-themed celebrations, where beer, brats, and Germanic festivities bring everyone together.

But, have you heard of Weinfest?

Weinfest: Sort of a Cousin of Oktoberfest, Centered Around Sparkling Wine!

When you think of sparkling wine in the Yakima Valley, you're always going to think of Treveri Cellars Winery in Wapato. They're inviting you to join them for a marvelous taste of the old country with the 3rd Annual Weinfest, Saturday and Sunday, June 4th and 5th at Treveri Cellars Winery.

What to Expect at Treveri Cellars Weinfest

Weinfest is a family-friendly event where Lederhosen and Dirndl are encouraged (but not required). There will be live German music on both days. In the German Workshop Tent - enjoy Small Classes throughout both days where you can learn about the Vines, learn the process of sparkling, and take in the Food and Wine pairing classes. All taking place surrounded by their estate vineyard.

There will be Speciality Weinfest Merchandise available for purchase. Sip German and Non-German grape Varietals crafted by the owner who learned the art of winemaking in Germany.

Treveri Weinfest
Treveri Weinfest

When it comes to food, they will have many German Dishes featuring favorites such as:

  •             Flammkuchen- German Pizza
  •             Weinerschnitzel
  •             Bratwurst
  •             German Charcuterie Boards
  •             Pretzels
  •            German Chocolate Cake
  •             Apple Strudel
Treveri Weinfest
Treveri Weinfest

Weinfest Tickets and Information

$15 gets you in the door. Wine and food are sold separately. Check out their scrumptious German Sunday Brunch for just $40.

June 4th, 12-7 pm, and June 5th, 12-5 pm. More information is HERE. Sign up to win a pair of tickets by filling out the form below.

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