Baseball's just around the corner and XFL football season is in full swing, but the biggest sport in Yakima this Presidents Day weekend was trout racing at the Central Washington Sportsmen Show. The athletes were sleek and shiny, the teams were bright and loud, and the excitement inside the Yakima Valley SunDome? Man, you just had to be there ...

The kids were competing for some trophy-quality fishing gear, courtesy of Bi-Mart, and while a few of the fish might've gotten a little intimidated by the crowd (or maybe just flat-out lost), most of them didn't waste much time skittering for the finish line.

In the end, a fish named Future Fish Sticks smoked the other trout and helped his handler, April Amundson, secure the grand prize.

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The annual event's been going on for well over a decade now, but nobody seems to get tired of it.

This year's young fish jockeys included:

  • April Amundson
  • Shane Pridgen
  • Emily Chandler
  • Paul Taylor
  • Matt Thornton
  • Donna Storeide
  • Chris Rink
  • Amy Brown
  • Darlene Worley
  • Mark Russell
  • Terry Southard
  • Tommi Elliott
  • Jaime Cardenas
  • Leah Williams

Here's a little more of what it all looked like ...

Trout Racing 2020

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