Usually, the last thing I'd ever order at a restaurant is a non-beef burger. I'm a dude, I want meat! When I heard about a Jalapeno Turkey Burger at Carl's Jr. with pepper jack cheese, I had to check it out. Was it good?

Oh yeah!

And not just good, but really good. Let me tell you about it. First of all, one thing I love about Carl's Jr. is the size of all their burgers. I know I only need one as it's big enough for a big guy like myself. I sink my teeth into it and I immediately get a taste on my pallet I'm not familiar with to most fast food places - freshness. The turkey was charbroiled, the veggies were crisp, it was amazing. Then I got hit with the heat. I love spicy food, especially jalapenos, so I get the heat from the peppers, the pepper jack cheese and the santa fe sauce. This burger may have changed me for ever. I can't wait to order another one.

The nice thing that I wasn't aware of until afterwards is that it's relatively low in calories - only 500 calories. Try comparing that to many other burgers at most other restaurants!

Next time you're out driving around, you should swing by Carl's Jr. and order one for yourself. Better yet, order two and drop one off to me.

Carl's Jr.
Carl's Jr.

Introducing the Jalapeño Turkey Burger from Carl’s Jr. Fresh Jalapeños, melted Pepper Jack Cheese, and spicy Santa Fe Sauce, piled high on a charbroiled turkey patty, all under 500 calories. It’s lean, but it’s mean. Only at Carl’s Jr. Eat Like You Mean It.

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