Carl's Jr. invited us to try out their latest menu item, the 'All-Natural Burger'. Let's see if you can tell the difference.

The story behind the All-Natural Burger is in its name. There are no antibiotics, no added hormones, no steroids and the beef is grass fed. I wonder if it'll still taste the same.

My first impression is exactly how big this All-Natural Burger is. I know I won't be hungry after this. I also love the fresh-baked buns. Always a great reason to visit Carl's Jr.

After I sunk my teeth into this beast, I was surprised how the flavor is all there. That's good news for me. Given the option to have two burgers that taste the same, but one is without all of the added, unnecessary ingredients, I'll go with the one that's better for me while still tasting great.

The next time you visit Carl's Jr, maybe consider giving this a try.

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