Home of the Six Dollar Burger, fried zucchini and so much more good food, Carl's Jr. is coming to Yakima and is hoping to open in late July/early August.

I am especially looking forward to this. Although I enjoy the great food Yakima already has to offer, Carl's Jr. had always been a favorite of mine when we were on vacation and I used to frequent there when I lived in Tri-Cities as well as Casper, WY (where it was known as Hardee's). I'm admittedly not a 'french fry' kind of guy, but they have these fried zucchini that you can get that are completely awesome. Couple that up with big burgers and you have yourself a winner.

So far the plans are having it go in the old Wendy's building in Union Gap on South First.

Excited? Let us know your thoughts and, if you've been there, what's the best thing to order from there?

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