Twin Peaks fans finally had their prayers answers with word that not one, but as many as four new episodes would premiere on May 21, to say nothing of the confirmed 18-episode order. Now, Showtime and David Lynch address if said 18 will prove the last of Twin Peaks, when we might expect a trailer, and what role the prequel Fire Walk With Me might play.

During the initial Showtime TCA press tour panel, network head David Nevins seemingly confirmed the intent for its 18 new Twin Peaks episodes to represent an end to the series, stating “It’s designed to be a close-ended one-time event.” Later on, during his own surprise panel appearance, Lynch himself noted that he hadn’t intended to revisit Twin Peaks in the first place, so anything was possible in the future.

Nevins also encouraged “close watching” to unravel the show’s level of secrecy in real-time, noting that we might not see a traditional trailer for the revival, which he called the “pure heroin version of David Lynch”:

I don’t know whether we’re going to have a traditional trailer. You might start seeing some filmed pieces coming out but there definitely won’t be trailers that give away all the big plot points as is traditional in the movie business.

Naturally, both Lynch and cast were loathe to give away many details of the plot, though Lynch curiously offered that the poorly-received prequel-sequel Fire Walk With Me and the story of Laura Palmer’s final seven days would be “very much important for this.” Other evasive answers seemed to suggest that Laura Dern would be playing a new character, the likelihood of Robert Forster filling the sheriff role, and that Mädchen Amick was “surprised” by the path Shelly had taken over 25 years.

Jury’s out when we might see first (or any) footage, but Twin Peaks will make its two-hour Showtime premiere on May 21. Stay tuned for the latest until then.

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