Twin Peaks

Fans of ‘Twin Peaks’ Buy Landmark Diner in North Bend
If you're a fan of the show Twin Peaks and have been to North Bend, there's one filming location that sticks out more than others in the area. Twede's Cafe (Double R Diner in the tv show) has been a staple tourist attraction and favorite diner of many locals in North Bend. Though fans may opt for a …
Showtime 'Twin Peaks' Return Episodes Streaming Free
Showtime’s Twin Peaks may not have offered the ratings smash network heads hoped, but its online presence has given the mystery drama a major boost. Now, ahead of Sunday’s fifth episode premiere, new Twin Peaks is coming back in style with the first two episodes streaming free.
Trying the Cherry Pie from the Diner in ‘Twin Peaks’
If you find yourself in North Bend, Washington, you can find Twede's Cafe. This is the place used in the show Twin Peaks that's known for cherry pie and, as Agent Dale Cooper puts it, "damn good coffee." Is the cherry pie all that it's cracked up to be? Let's fi…
'Twin Peaks' Revival Won't Have Showtime Cursing, Nudity
Close to thirty years will have passed when Twin Peaks resurrects on Showtime, to say nothing of how broadcast and cable standards have changed. Still, don’t expect the 2017 revival to undergo any graphic overhaul, as Showtime bosses reveal David Lynch is “taking advantage of cable fre…

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