The most controversial person in Washington, D.C., at the moment may not actually be Donald Trump.

Kara McCullough, a 25-year-old scientist from the District of Columbia, was named Miss USA on Sunday night, but not without some drama.

The hullabaloo stems from McCullough answering a question about health care, in which she claimed it's a privilege and not a right. You don't have to be that clued in to the current political scene to know that a response like that is bound to get people whipped into a frenzy.

McCullough also made waves for claiming she's not a feminist, but an equalist.

McCullough's words did not escape the fast-typing fingers of the Twittersphere, where people supported her and chastised her, widening the chasm that continues to grow between conservatives and liberals in this country. It's interesting to note, as one tweet did, that Fox -- a well-known conservative outlet -- owns the Miss USA pageant, so draw your own conclusions about how that may be connected to McCullough's victory.

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