We have some of the best restaurants in the United States right here in the Northwest. It came to no surprise to me that the Pacific Northwest hosts two of the top 10 cities for foodies.

According to the list from Wallet Hub, Portland and Seattle are great places to live if you're a foodie.

1 San Francisco, CA
2 Portland, OR
3 New York, NY
4 Los Angeles, CA
5 Miami, FL
6 Orlando, FL
7 Austin, TX
8 Las Vegas, NV
9 San Diego, CA
10 Seattle, WA

Congrats to San Francisco for making first place. Many of these make sense. World famous hotel restaurants in New York and Los Angeles, the nightlife of Miami and Orlando, the BBQ of Texas and the casinos of Las Vegas have mostly ditched their cheap buffets to make room for fine dining restaurants.

Portland and Seattle have some amazing places themselves.

Seattle and Vancouver, Washington, are home to the highest ratio of restaurants. Seattle and Portland are tied for first, along with several others, for most microbreweries. Leave it to Seattle to tie for first for most coffee shops, too.

If you ever want to go on a foodcation, Seattle or Portland would be an easy target.

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