Usher and super hot model Kate Upton appear in the Mercedes-Benz 'Soul' commercial, which is slated to air during Sunday's (Feb. 3 ) Super Bowl. The ad features a young, nerdish fellow is about to sell his soul to the devil (played by Willem Dafoe), for fame and fortune.

Usher is in it for a like a half-a-minute, showing off his enviable dance moves in a club alongside the nerd who is the real star of the commercial and whose life is eventually transformed by owning a Benz.

The car, the CLA-Class, will bow in September, and this fun commercial lets Usher flash his dancefloor skills and his winning smile.

Can't get enough of Usher and bummed that he's got such a short cameo in this spot? Then watch the behind-the-scenes footage. Dudes, there is plenty of Kate Upton (and her cleavage) in it, so that's an added incentive to watch.

Usher reveals that he was happy to be a part of the commercial since Mercedes-Benz is a sustainable luxury brand. He also says the car "has definitely got sex written all over it. I can't wait to drive it."

He also revealed that the first car he bought for his mother as his own personal fame and fortune increased was a Benz. What a good son. Usher, want us to be your new mom? Buy us a Benz and the deal'll be sealed. It's all about the Benzamins.

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Clip for the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Feat. Usher

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