I got a shout out earlier today from K-Mart (on my Twitter)!!

Courtesy of Reesha On The Radio Twitter Feed
Courtesy of Reesha On The Radio Twitter Feed

The religious-based boycott group, One Million Moms, declared Kmart's latest commercial to be unsound and unfit for television. I understand that as a parent, you want to shield your kids from unwholesome and/or unneccessary influences of an offensive nature, but I don't see anything offensive about "shipping your pants". The innuendo is hilarious to me. Maybe I'm a lax parent, or maybe I just don't give a da[ng] about the innuendo. And perhaps that's because I have MUCH better things to do with my time than complain about this sort of thing.

I'll have you know, the moms that I've talked to here in Yakima all agree that the commercial is hella funny! It's so funny, I think we shipped our pants!

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