Vasthy and Friends
Vasthy Mompoint

Who loves to sing?

I've loved it since I can remember. Creating my own songs. Dancing through the living room along with Aurora because I too, "know you and walked with you once upon a dream."

My parents gave me a cassette tape for Les Mislerable when I was around seven and I was hooked. I sang along to every song, the music ran deep and it excited me, changed my mood and brought me to a different world. I quietly fantasized performing on stages under the bright lights along with the cast. That energy looked like a lot of fun.

These days my outlet is SMULE for those moments where I need to let loose but back in my earlier career, the stages I ended up on were the cruise ship variety singing the farewell song, occasionally alongside a very talented lady named Vasthy Mompoint.

She was part of the Broadway ensemble at the time and though we both have moved on from those cruise ship days we continue to support each other via social media. I've gotten to live the ups and downs of the broadway experience vicariously through her and loved it.

She is such a talent, moving on to star in many Broadway shows, singing her way onto prestigious stages in New York with her own material, getting cast on shows like SpongeBob Square Pants. On the side, she has created and is the founder of a children's Nanny service for the broadway industry that thrives in creative outlets filled with music. She met and has married the love of her life and has been an outspoken activist for change, filling her social media with deep thought-provoking content. Honest and real. She's beautifully Vasthy Mompoint. One of a kind and this past Saturday morning I was invited to join her latest adventure. Vasty's Friends on Facebook.

In this time where there is no access to broadway, she has brought broadway to the masses and it's all for the kids.

As she put it so simply, "Let's create some joy."

Now more than ever, we need to bring children joy. We want our platform to teach today's youth that no matter what is happening in your life and in the world around you, you always have the choice to make your day the best day ever, and the importance of play.

adventures in singing
Vasthy Mompoint

We all deserve it.

Donations will graciously be accepted to benefit Parent Artist Advocacy League - PAAL for Performing Arts.

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