I don't even know if I am supposed to be doing this but I wanted to fill you in on a little secret. The Yakima Pippins 2022 baseball schedule has been finalized and now they are searching for singers.

To Sing or Not to Sing

If you have ever dreamed of singing the national anthem at a home game, this could be the year! Exciting news too, there will be teams from Canada, meaning if you know the Canadian national anthem, that will also be available to sing and currently, no one has taken on the task just yet!

There are 32 different games currently needing to be filled. The first begins on Friday, June 4th and it's going to be quite a party! They will end the night with fireworks after the Pippins hopefully beat Corvallis!

Hurry Before All the Spots are Filled

Spots are filling up fast and the dates are first come first serve so if you have a youtube video of you singing the national anthem that you can provide, that will help speed up the process on if it is a yes or no.

Who Do I Contact?

info@pippinsbaseball.com is the e-mail you will be sending your information to.

What's It Like?

It's pretty cool if you like that sort of thing. You will receive tickets to the game for yourself and a plus one. You will need to arrive early and then you are taken to the back area where the players are warming up. Then an assistant will walk you out onto the baseball diamond, your name will be introduced and you're up! I have done it a few times, perfect for anyone who loves singing and sharing that with the community.

Loads of luck and if you end up making the cut message me @sarahjthedj so we can let everyone know when you will be singing!

Pippins Baseball

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