Yesterday (Monday), there was a police chase in Washington state that was so wild, it made the national news.

We're zipping over the Cascades mountain pass to Lakewood, where 51-year-old Alberto Tito Alejandro claims he was helping his Pitbull Terrier learn how to drive his car. Alejandro hit two vehicles during the driving lesson, and he kept on driving for about 50 miles, at times reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour!

First of all, I am impressed that Aljejandro got his dog to sit in the driver's seat and put his front paws on the steering wheel.

You read this right, Doggie was in the driver's seat and Alejandro was riding SHOTGUN!

This mess happened on Interstate 5 near Boeing Access Road, and police finally nabbed the suspect in Everett, WA, near the Snohomish River.

I hope that man had a "doggone" good time with his fugitive joy ride, because he was a very "naughty boy". He's going to have to do some jail time for that crime. I do not pit-y this fool. Somebody needs to turn this story into a movie. Watch out, Turner and Hooch, Alejandro & Pitbull is coming for your throne (and doggy bones).

Wait, what if the driving lesson was all the dog's idea?

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