Don't let this current cold snap fool ya.

Spring is just around the corner and that means yard work and home improvement projects.

Home Improvement Is Still Hot

And right on cue, here comes the Central Washington Home & Garden show.  Watch this space for future updates on a great local show filled with ideas on projects, style, and materials.

With the high cost of houses these days, millions of us are content to improve our existing home (since we can't afford the sticker price on a new home) and many started while in pandemic lockdown - OR - we want to fix up our existing home for sale at top dollar so we CAN go shopping for that new home.

Home Project Projections

The Family Handyman website says:

Home improvement gained massive popularity during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and is showing no signs of slowing down...A study said 56 percent of respondents intend on hiring a professional for all or part of their projects. Forty-four percent of surveyors said they were planning more complex projects while 40 percent answered "maybe" and only 16 percent said they were not planning for more difficult projects.

And He's A Gourmet Chef!

Last year, contractor Jason Bernier remodeled our kitchen and bathroom and he did an AMAZING usual!  That dude is one clever, careful, fun, experienced, professional and you can find him HERE at All Elements Construction LLC.  I recommend him without reservation of any kind!

It turns out this year's most popular project is my preferred next project for this year and that is landscaping and a possible water feature. An Axiom survey reveals 31 percent saying they intend to work on their outdoor area. T

The most popular Axiom survey projects

  1. Yard/Landscape: 35 percent;
  2. Bathroom: 31 percent;
  3. Kitchen: 27 percent;
  4. Bedroom: 26 percent;
  5. Deck/Patio: 25 percent;
  6. Office: 16 percent.

Top Projects In The Pacific Northwest

The folks at, formerly Angi's List, ran a Google trends search to see what the most searched projects were in each state.  Seven states, the most,  listed landscaping as their next top project.

In the Northwest, Idahoans are looking to paint their houses (2 states), Oregonians are up for a kitchen remodel (6 states) but Washington is unique.  Angi's research says the number one most researched project by Washingtonians is....a home sauna...and no other state has that on the radar!  Never let them see you build a sauna!

You Do-It-Your-Selfers have got this...but there likely WILL be some sweat in the process and obviously in the final product!  Good luck to all who swing a hammer!

So, heads up for the Central Washington Home And Garden Show coming up.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2022 • 10AM-5PM
SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2022 • 10AM-4PM

Yakima SunDome, State Fair Park,  1301 South Fair Avenue, Yakima, WA

And if YOU are one of the Washingtonians building a sauna, let us know...the Morning News Motto is....  Have Towels - Will Travel

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