Casual dining restaurants often play some random satellite radio station that plays non-offensive background music. Usually pop songs that aren't super popular, but not bad. There one song in particular that my wife and I didn't recognize almost two years ago and, happy to announce, we finally know what it is!

The back story is that about two years ago my wife and I went out and heard a song coming through the speakers. It's never loud enough to hear it word for word so we couldn't pick up any of the lyrics other than 'be the same' at the end of one of the verses of the chorus. We liked it, but didn't recognize it. The place was generally too loud to try to use Shazam to find out what the song was.

I went home, did a lot of lyric searches. I think I'm pretty good with Google, using Google hacks like putting things in quotation marks and minusing out searches that involve stuff I don't want it to find. Looking up those lyrics I kept coming up with a song from Christopher Cross. Excluding him from searches found a lot of other artists that it definitely wasn't either. I gave up.

Fast-forward to yesterday when we were at a restaurant and my wife heard the song again. Since it came from a satellite feed, my daughter went to one of the staff to ask if they knew what the song was. Often times, if it's a satellite radio station, it'll say the song's name and artist on the device. Sure enough, it did!

So, without any further ado, the song we were thinking of was Dirty Vegas -- "Walk Into The Sun." Give it a listen and maybe you'll hear it come on next time you're eating out.


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