It's a heat wave, burning through the nation. So much to unpack there but we're just going to cover the weather today. ;)

For those that are able this is a great time to donate water bottles to shelters and reach out to local groups on social media to find out how to help. For those that are working with fans and A.C units the below tips will REALLY come in handy but something you can instantly do is find the darkest sheets you have to cover windows to help lower the room temperature. I was living in a 100 year old building and what helped was purchasing black shades, it's like a light weight black paper that's around $10 to help keep rooms cooler. Works awesome and looks nice.

In our house it's a cool 74 but when I asked on our Facebook page I was blown away by the answers. The range is from mid 50's to high 70's and the reasons bounce all over the place

Jessica Ortiz - 66-68 through the day and about 64-65 at night


Nancy Gamboa - 69-70 and kids better not change it! You cold? Put some socks on and grab a blanket!!!


Richard Evans - 72. On very hot days, 75-78.

Helpful Air Conditioning Tips

  • Close the blinds or invest in heavy curtains to cover windows during the day. When the heat gets super intense and you're using your A.C it works really hard to fight the heat sunlight brings so the darker the better on the hot days.
  • Set a timer for your air conditioner to start up an hour before the first person arrives home on days you know no one will be around.

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