It is HOT! Anyone else noticed how you can go from feeling warm and pleasant to a little loopy within a handful of minutes right now? Please stay hydrated and be aware of time spent outside.

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The pets should be in a cool shaded place with water or inside. I know! But it's TOO **** hot and the rent is TOO **** high!

Today currently the heat will hit a record breaking 114 degrees, Wednesday a very hot high of 111 degrees, Thursday we're set for 105 degrees, Friday 104, Saturday and Sunday a high of 103 and FINALLY next Monday we're back into double digits with a high of 97 according to accuweather. The roads in places over in Seattle are buckaling under the heat and how wonderful UPS, Postal Workers, FEDEX and truck drivers are navigating all of this like it's just another day. If you can set out some treats for your mail person, ice cold bottled water or a freezer pop, anything would be greatly appreciated.

I've noticed a few cooling stations around the Yakima area so if you know of more please message us and we will continue to update.

Cooling Spots Offered to the Public

  • C&S Coffeehouse - FED EX, US POSTAL, UPS any delivery driver in uniform, you can swing by and C&S Location and pick up a iced tea, lemonade or water ON US! We appreciate you guys and gals. We will do this the rest of the year any day that is 100° and above. Spread the word to your delivery driver friends!

  • Yakima Community Aid - They have created a cooling station on the corner of Naches Ave and Pendleton Way in Yakima, WA this week and next. They are providing water, snacks, fruit and more. You can help by donating more supplies or helping by spreading the word

  •                      The Vibe if offering water and snacks to USPS, FEDEX and UPS Tuesday June 29th and Wednesday June 30th located at 2105 S. 3rd Ave in Union Gap, WA 98903
  •                      The Harmon Center in Yakima 8 am - 4 pm Tuesday - Friday, Saturday 9 am - 3:30 pm, Sunday closed
  •                       Toppenish Creek Longhouse 24/7
  •                        Wesley United Methodist Church - 14 N. 48th Ave; 9 am-3 pm Mon-Fri this week
  •                        Washington Fruit Community Center  -  602 N. 4th Street; 9 am-4 pm Mon-Fri
  •                        Rhonda D Hauff Resource Center  -  201 S 6th St; For individuals who are homeless, 9 am-5 pm seven days a week
  •                        Miller Park and MLK Jr Park splash pads will be open all week
  •                        Yakima Valley Mall  -  2529 Main St, Union Gap; 10 am-9 pm Mon-Fri, 10 am-8 pm Saturday, 11 am-6 pm Sunday
  •                         Yakima Valley Library; Hours vary by location

Not gonna lie, sticking your feet in a cooler lid full of water is SO satisfying. it will cool you down, PLUS the frozen grapes as well! Try it and fill me in with even more tricks to stay cool and calm during this intense time.

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