Townsquare Media/Bitmoji
Townsquare Media/Bitmoji

Some of my favorites :)

Jagger age 10
"I'm thankful for you (mama) and tex (stepdad), oh and minecraft."
Ayiana age 2
"Ice sqeem (ice cream)"

Hi this is Angelique 11, I'm thankful for my family, I'm thankful for my mommy and daddy, my daddy for always providing for us, and scaring us when we least expect it. I'm also thankful for the food and the roof my parents give us, but most of all I'm thankful for my mommy, shes having twins and I cant wait to hear them scream and love them,by 107.3

Angus age 28. He’s thankful for living at home rent free.

Kaydence age 7 "I'm thankful for you mama and doritos, oh and hotdogs!"

i just asked my son and he said : im thankful because the patriots are going to beat the cowboys tomorrow hahhaha he is 10 ...

Chael age 8. For my cancer being gone

Curtis, age 7: “I am thankful for you when you sometimes let me get toys at the store “ lol

I would love to hear all of them

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