Along with St. Patrick's Day comes the great Irish food. A lot of meat and potato-type dishes but one menu item that pops up from time to time is something called bubble and squeak. What's that all about?

The dish, itself, its basically refurbished leftovers. If you have a roast the day before, you can take those leftovers, chop them all up and toss them into the same pan traditionally served with mashed potatoes. It's actually pretty smart if you think about it. There are several ways to prepare this so find a recipe that works best for you.

The name itself comes from the sound it makes when you're frying it up.

Although not exactly prepared this way, but McGuire's Pub on Tieton in Yakima has this as a menu item and it's my wife's favorite thing on the menu. Highly recommended if you happen to be there.

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