Slow clap for the people in the back who have never been affected by a negative comment or pay no mind. Congratulations to you, now let's move on to the rest of us.

As I write this I have to smile. One of the comments told to me was, "I would hate radio." There are portions of my job I dislike but the funniest thing is one of them is the actual person who said this to me haha!

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Another comment while I was an English student in college came from the professor. "With your grammar, I wouldn't suggest a job that involves a lot of writing." Fast forward to me posting twice a day AND receiving a bonus for my work.

Lastly while playing softball the assistant coach felt the need to tell me I wasn't an athlete and I would never make it farther than community college. I not only walked on the Hawaii Pacific University Softball try-out field but made the team. I'd always fantasized about sending him tickets to a game but that would have not only been a waste of my time but a waste of a good stamp as well!

Down to the haters! Most times people who feel the need to comment negatively are unhappy in their own life or can't imagine doing what you're doing so instead of encouraging you they want to knock you down to their level. Useless AND unnecessary as some of these haters are our educators. Gross!

I want to hear from you. The comments that were said, that could have crushed you but now make you laugh.


The One About Math

I had a prof tell me I’d never make it in math. So, I shoved (nicely) my math degree in his face and then proceeded to get a master's in math. Made sure he knew about that as well. -  Jamie Z


Oh, You Want to Teach English?

I had an English prof tell me I should never teach English because I suck at reading poetry. Now I work twice as hard to be decent at it, but I'm making progress! - Nikki F

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Young Mama Drama

"you're never going to do well in school or get a good job because you had kids".... I'm almost done with my bachelor's degree in political science with a 4.0 and preparing to get my master's, then my Juris doctorate. I'm going to be a lawyer, and one day hopefully a legislator. My kids do not hinder my progress. They are my motivation to do well so I can give them a better life. - Naomi A

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
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Till Death Do Us Part

In my senior year, a teacher told the classroom my marriage would be an example of one that wouldn’t last five years. Ironically, his marriage ended in divorce and I’m still happily married over 46 years to my high school sweetheart. - Tammy S


How Would They Even Know That?

A teacher from high school told me “You’re never going to amount to anything” that always stuck with me. I made sure I was the best at everything I ever accomplished. - Carly W

Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Projecting Much?

I got married at 19yrs old (he was 21)--Yes it was young but fortunately, we are still together HAPPILY. I got told by one person it wouldn't work and that we would be divorced soon (interestingly that person WAS going through their own divorce). I had another person tell me I would end up barefoot and pregnant (because of who I was marrying) and standing in the welfare line. I (WE) proved them both wrong!!! Been married for 34 years (never divorced each other). We have 3 amazing kids plus 2 successful businesses (not on welfare unlike the person that said we would be). I am honored and proud to have proven the doubters in our life WRONG!! - Cherie D

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Straight Up Trash Comment

I was told by an uncle that I was not pretty enough at age 17 and I will never marry. That affected how I saw myself but then I met my now-husband and we got married at age 24 and have 4 beautiful children. I still struggle with how I see myself but I try to stay positive. - Norma B

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This Teacher Knows Nothing

I had a teacher in middle school tell me I was never going to graduate or make anything of myself. - Rebecca G

Amber P
She was told she would never have kids

The One About Kids

You're never going to have children( medical reasons)
I have 2!!! Arrow is 4 and kai' noa is 3 months. ~ Amber P
Which States Experienced the Greatest Increases in Medicare Costs?

Don't Freak Out

Don’t worry if you don’t pass this test, you can take it again in a couple of months - Alyne D

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