To be honest, I got into the studio this afternoon, turned on the Christmas Tree lights, and thought to myself. I just don't know if I want to take it down this year.

Sarah Johnson
Winnie just couldn't help herself

I've already removed every speck of Christmas at home but my workspace needs to bring me joy and even though D-Rez might not be such a fan, I have yet to ask him, this might be what I bring into 2021.

Perhaps I purchase cute items and different lights that cover Valentine's Day, red and white, and then switch those to green for St. Patricks Day and so on through the year until we are back where we started.

I will give the shout-out to my former yet still fabulous co-worker, Aimee Yoeger who encouraged me numerous times through the years to do just that but it never felt right for some reason. This year it not only feels right but needed.

Aimee IS THE Drama Queen
Aimee IS THE Drama Queen

Nothing wrong with starting the year off doing something completely different or out of the ordinary. Do you, be you, focus on what brings you joy, and if you want to have something up all year round, don't let society break you down.

2021 should be the year you find who you really are. We have already been forced to slow down and keep our distance. Perhaps you've worked on your house or picked up a project you've always wanted to tackle OR maybe non of it but all of it should be serving you and bringing a smile to your face.

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I am here to let you know, if you are thinking about it, just do it!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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