Man it REALLY isn't summer anymore, is it? I feel like we all wait for the holiday season, the changing of the leaves and the gatherings, but we tend (or at least I do) to forget with the change of season comes chilly weather. Ahhhh ... I miss the days of rolling out of bed, taking a shower and not having to check the weather report! So I figured out a plan to help keep me warm, because after losing 60 pounds it has become a challenge.

I've been taking time in the day to remind myself of fun summer events like Downtown Summer Nights, when I was hanging out in flip-flops chilling in the US Cellular charging station or enjoying the misting tent while I listened to live music and enjoyed the local beers and ciders.

For a moment I can feel the sun on my face and hear the laughter of all the people enjoying our gorgeous city. For a second I grab that warm summer sunshine and I transport myself into that space ... and for a bit I am there and I am warm! Woohoo!

I accept that it will continue to get colder, that I have to find all my scarves, beanies and coats, but at least I can also have a moment where I pretend it's summer again. Wanna try it? :)

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