With Halloween coming up, you can never be too soon to get your Halloween costume in order. Everything from Hello Kitty to Casey Anthony, buying a pre-packaged costume or making your own, you've gotta be prepared. But, where to go? Here is where I go for my Halloween costumes

  • Facebook, Yakima Halloween Store
    Facebook, Yakima Halloween Store

    Yakima Halloween Store

    72nd and Tieton, next to New York Teriyaki

    Another local favorite ran by some people who love Halloween so you're sure to find the hottest Halloween costumes here. Some great, unique ideas, too. If you're not sure what to dress up as, but want to be the life of the party, just ask them - they can find something that fits you to keep everyone buzzing about your great costume.

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    Spirit Halloween Store

    Washington Avenue by Valley Mall

    As the spooks inhabit the old homes, Spirit Halloween Store inhabits the old Hollywood Video on Washington by Valley Mall. This store seriously has something for everyone of all sizes, ages and preference from naughty to nice. When in doubt, the convenience of Spirit will find you something in your size.

  • citysearch.com

    Thrift Stores

    Value Village, Goodwill, Salvation Army and more

    The thrift stores in Yakima always provide an abundance of spare clothes for all sizes and ages. These are perfect if you want to dress like an old man, a 70s hippy or the traditional sheet over your head because they have all of that anyways. If you're the crafty-type, these stores also have enough random stuff that you can use to perfect your costume.

  • Flickr, lara604
    Flickr, lara604

    Your Friends And Family's Closet

    One option people may not thing about is asking their friends and family if they have any old Halloween costumes from last year. I know with my little ones we'd keep their Halloween costumes as dress-up clothing. Especially if you have a little girl, chances are you may not NEED to buy a costume because they already have princess clothes in their bedroom. Feel free to offer help to your friends and family as well if you have spares so you can save them some money as well.

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    1600 E. Chestnut by the freeway and 6600 Nob Hill in Yakima

    It is an option, but I may use this as my final option. Since many people in Yakima shop at Walmart there's a good chance that you'll show up to a Halloween party dressed like 4 or 5 other people. About a week or two into putting Halloween items on the shelves, the Walmart staff have trouble keeping things in place so it becomes a bit of a war zone as well. But, in a pinch, Walmart may work out perfectly for you.

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