Leprechauns and rainbows and lucky charms aside, we all know why everyone loves St. Patrick's Day. It's the beer -- green or not. Where to go on St. Patrick's Day in Yakima? Check out any of these places for an assured great time.

  • 1

    McGuire's Pub

    4807 Tieton Dr.

    Duh! The place is called McGuire's! One of the hottest spots for St. Patrick's Day complete with great Irish food. The downside is that this place gets packed quickly and usually starting around noon-ish.

  • 2

    Bill's Place

    206 South 3rd Street

    Another no-brainer. This place features a giant shamrock right on the sign. True story: the very first beer I ever had was here at Bill's Place.

  • 3

    The Pub

    Glenwood Square on Tieton Dr.

    Located downstairs at Glenwood square, the former Grant's and former Bert's location, The Pub still stands and still has a great selection on tap and great food.

  • 4

    G Spot Lounge at Gasperetti's

    1013 North 1st Street

    Another place that packs up quickly. A local favorite, for sure.

  • 5

    Mickey's Pub

    202 E Chestnut Ave

    Part of Orion Cinema is one of my favorite bars in town which also has fantastic food. The cool part about this place is that if you're done hanging around people, you can always just head over to the next room and watch a movie.

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