One of my pet peeves in life is when grocery store cashiers put one or two items in a plastic bag. Before I know it, I'm walking out of the store with about 15 plastic bags for only five or six items. OY!!


Grocery store plastic bags are being banned in some places, and Washington state may someday be on the brink of plastic bag extinction. California does it. Missouri, Idaho and Arizona are in the early stages of doing it, too.

I always ask the cashiers to put as many things as they can in one bag because I don't need all those plastic thingies collecting in my kitchen pantry. Am I the only one who feels like, as soon as you bring home one plastic bag from the store, they multiply like some kind of viral bacteria? Or like Gremlins! Just the other day, I tossed out a tumbleweed sized ball of plastic bags! It made me furious. All that waste! And where does it go? To the town dump ... and eventually lands its way into the ocean, killing our precious sea turtles and whales blowing them out of their blowholes!

I hate grocery store plastic bags so much, yet I hate paper bags even more! (Do they even hand out paper bags anymore? Let's pray not.)

The reason why people don't want these menaces to society to go away is because they are so damned darned convenient! When people imagine a world without plastic bags, I am sure they think, "You mean we'll have to actually carry our groceries out in our bare hands?" That's when they scream out in horror.

If such legislation were to pass to ban plastic bags, this would supersede any local ordinances to prevent its enforcement. It might soon be illegal to sell or use plastic bags at your local grocer.

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